Artist Kailin has 30 years’ of creative work in classical realism. Zhao intends to express young women in a silent atmosphere that suggests the transcendent purity of spirit but depicts the inner sensibility of the contemporary condition. In Zhao Kailin’s latest works, he has concentrated on depicting beautiful, introspective young women, most of whom are Asian and dressed in traditional attire.

Kailin Zhao, an award-winning Chinese painter who resides in the United States, has exhibited in Asia, Sweden, Australia, Canada, the UK, Spain and the US. Through traditional and contemporary realism techniques, his portraits capture the innocence and sexuality of young women. Zhao invokes a dreamlike sense of longing, expectation and desire in his pieces. He favors both acrylics and oils on canvas or wood.

Each of the study works, including small works and sketches which reflects artist life experience in the East and the West, His adaptation and absorption of the innovative concept of the Western art, has afforded him a special place between the traditional and contemporary realism artists.

Artist Kailin will releases news and short videos for each of his artworks. He captures the essential aura of young women suspended between the innocence of childhood and the smoldering sexuality of womanhood, evoking a sense of longing, dreams, and desire.

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